A Fae Academy short story

A perilous obsession, a secret too hard to keep

Sadie Elwood—a tree nymph—attends Hawthorn Academy, a prestigious institution for the fae who’ve settled along Minnesota’s north shore.

Gifted in the art of camouflage, she’s never had a problem going unnoticed. But all of a sudden Sadie has the attention of Andrew Ayers, a young handsome architect who’s made the coffee shop where she works a regular part of his day.

If that wasn’t unsettling enough for the young fae, Andrew is human and completely taboo.

When Andrew finally makes his move, Sadie should make like a tree and leave. Instead, her growing desire threatens to put her whole world in peril.

This short story provides a small peek into the world of the north shore fae, first introduced in the Hell Hound’s Fated Mates trilogy, and now in the off-shoot Fae Academy trilogy.