Nurse Rowan McNeely ripped away Declan’s bed sheet, but he grabbed it back before she saw too much.

The drugs had wasted much of his body, but one very male part of him had never been affected. And for two years, she had been its greatest source of inspiration.

Declan MacConall has been weakened by years of grief and addiction, but with the enemy closing in, he wants nothing more than to fight and prove his worth. Maybe then his beautiful nurse, Rowan McNeely, would see him as more than just her patient.

For years, her gentle hands have both soothed and tormented him, and now—torture of all tortures–she’s moving into the house to care for Declan while his family is away.

He tries to forget she’s sleeping in the room next door, because nothing can come of it.

She’s a professional, and her parents would never approve of the match.

A faerie princess and a hell hound were never meant to be.

But now the enemy that’s plagued the Sídhe for centuries has Rowan in its sights.

If either of them are to survive, Declan must put his wounded pride aside and fight for the only fae who could ever make him whole.


Content/Trigger Warnings: Alcohol, Murder/Killing