There’s trouble at sea when he denies his love.
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Declan Howard has been at sea for three years—a crew member aboard the Catriona, a luxury superyacht off the coast of California. Anything shiny and new gets his attention—hell, it gets the attention of everyone on board—but Sarah Carter is more than just shiny. She’s the new hostess who captures his heart the moment she knocks on his cabin door and says, “Heya, roomie!”

Declan would thank the purser for making the co-ed room assignment, except sharing the tiny cabin with Sarah is torture with a capital “T.” Damn the captain and his firm no-fraternization rule!

The Catriona is the only real home Declan has ever known and nothing will convince him to break the rule and risk getting kicked off the ship—not even the smart, made-for-him hostess with a heart as beautiful as the body that holds it. That is, until one stolen kiss turns Declan into a gambling man, and his shot at love makes waves that could capsize them both.