For the highland blood fae, survivor’s guilt can be quite the greedy mistress.

The agony of being a latent alpha and the sole survivor of his family has consumed Knox Boyd’s thoughts for the last two hundred years. Sure, he has his art, but he belongs nowhere and to no one. Not even constant blood feedings can satisfy the emptiness that remains.

That is, until he looks up to find publicist Blaire Darby standing among his paint cans and stencils. Suddenly there’s a new mistress in town. But still Knox has his doubts…

He and Blaire couldn’t be more different: Knox with his partially shaved head, scalp tattoo, and paint-stained fingers; Blaire in her tailored suits, glasses, and tight chignons…

Besides, how could a human woman—regardless how adventurous, or how delectable her blood—leave a more indelible mark on Knox’s heart than all he’s lost?

Knox’s queen thinks Blaire Darby is his fated mate. Knox’s chieftain thinks she’s a danger to the clan. Knox knows she’s all of that—all of that and so much more.

Because as destined as Knox and Blaire are to be together, old wounds will forever keep dragging them apart.


Content/Trigger Warnings: Alcohol, Assault