For a witch with no power, she sure packs a punch.

The Campbell clan of ba’vonn-shees—blood-drinking fae from the Scottish Highlands—has unraveled the prophecy about Bé Chuille, an ancient witch destined to lead the fae to victory over their mortal enemy.

Alastair Campbell is tasked with the mission of finding the witch and putting the wheels of justice in motion.


Instead, he finds Ivy.


She’s a witch, no doubt, but one of questionable power. Unless you count the power she quickly has over Alastair’s rough and ragged heart.

Together, the unlikely duo travels the Highlands, seeking clues to the ancient one. 

But the scars of Alastair’s past prevent him from seeing where the clues are leading.

And when the enemy closes in, Ivy wonders if she’ll ever be enough to save her wild and damaged lover.


Content/Trigger Warnings: Alcohol, Paganism, Assault and Torture