My name is West. You’ve probably heard of me. That is, if you follow Scotland’s rugby union, or any of the British tabloids. Just do me a favor—don’t believe everything you read. Still, whatever keeps me in the spotlight is good for the team. With this busted knee, my days on the pitch are numbered, and my father’s just waiting to pounce.

He’s had my whole life scripted for years, and his plans don’t depend on whether my knee holds out. I need a break from his relentless pressure, and a team trip to the U.S. comes just at the right time.

Things get even better when I’m seated next to a beautiful aspiring actress for the cross-Atlantic flight: Macie Montgomery. Crazy nut—that’s what she is—but smart, hot as hell, and talented beyond belief.

Hers is a name the world should see in lights. She is the girl I want to see in my bed. Maybe even forever.

Unfortunately, the paparazzi who follow me have her running so fast it’s like “exit, stage left.”

No worries. I’m sure I can turn her around. Not all my plays are for the pitch.


Content/Trigger Warnings: Alcohol, Car accident