She’s everything I shouldn’t want.

Just one more uptight, country club princess here for the summer, like so many summer girls before her.

Those who live year-round on this tiny remote island don’t even bother to learn their names. And that includes me, even though I never meant to make Little Bear my home.

See, I’ve been running for years—running from my past, running towards a future that somehow stays forever out of reach. Keeping busy working. Sweating. Sacrificing.

But then Katherine D’Arcy comes along. Beautiful, smart, with real plans for her life.

Plans that shouldn’t include me. I should stay away. But in just a few short months, she’s become my everything. She might even hold the key to what I’ve been searching for all these years.

And when she learns what I’ve been hiding, I just might lose it all.


Content/Trigger Warnings: Alcohol, Death of pet