Book five in the North Shore Fae Series

I’m a succubus. Born to feed.

I just went to the nightclub for a quick hit. Work the sexy ex-Army Ranger up, get him to an emotional high, then suck him dry. I need his energy to feed my clan and get back in their good graces after years of living the life of an outsider.

It’s not my fault the guy attacked me. It’s not my fault he’s now tied up in the cellar of Fae Academy.

Okay…that might be a little bit my fault.

But worse than the Army Ranger staring daggers at me as he threatens to get his revenge? Realizing that not only are we enemies, he’s also my fated mate.

Now I gotta decide between having the life I’ve always wanted at the Academy, or the hot, extremely alpha mortal that fate has literally put in my path.

Of course, when it comes down to it, I might not have a choice at all. Because CJ is all muscle and fury and he seems intent on killing me.

Content/Trigger Warnings: Alcohol, Kidnapping/Forced captivity